Barbara Perez

Barbara Perez
Permanent Make-up Specialist

Licensed Cosmetolgist, New York State
Licensed Tattoo Artist, New York State
Certified Educator in Aesthetics and Cosmetic Tattoo, New York State
Member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Permanent Make-up Specialist for Uptown Girl, Barb has over two decades of
hands-on experience within the beauty services industry. She began her
career by working with some of New York’s top cosmetic surgeons as a
post-surgical paramedical esthetician before later transitioning into the
cosmetic industry. Her work as a make-up artist, color stylist, and
executive further honed her talents in preparation for a 15+ year career
as a permanent make-up specialist and educator. Both which require not
only a steady hand and artistic eye but full-time dedication.

Today, Barb continues her passion in permanent make-up as a senior member
of the Uptown Girl team and is an active participant in ongoing
educational seminars and workshops ensuring her full knowledge of the
universal advancements and precautions within the industry.

Permanent Make-up (also known as Micro-pigmentation and Cosmetic
Tattooing) is an amazing semi-permanent alternative to conventional
make-up. Permanent make-up can enhance lips and eyebrows, define eyeliner,
areola and camouflage scars. It may be worn as is or can be used as a
guide along with your use of traditional make-up.

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